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Simple Psychology Will Boost Your Marketing

Posted by Eric Nelson on Feb 16, 2017 8:57:22 AM
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Understanding just a little about behavioral psychology can take you a long way in understanding the audience in and out of your industry. Of course, businesses often have many customers buying their products or services, so how can you understand all those personalities?

To find the answer, we turn to thorough and careful research on consumer behavior.

Humans are emotional creatures and though we are all different, our brains are prone to react in very similar manners. No matter the cause, an emotion will be the same to anyone who has felt it before such as, fear, anger, joy, trust and so on. Therefore, we take these subtleties to help us in our business to understand the “why” behind the buyer’s “yes” or “no”. Because if you can trigger specific emotions before a customer buys, you can increase revenue immensely.

Below, are some simple reminders that will be helpful for any marketer when implementing psychology into their marketing plan.

Our minds’ are prone to impulsivity.

Most of us have made an impulse purchase, regardless of the demographic. This is why we use CALL-TO-ACTIONS (CTA) such as, subscribe, buy now and try it now. People respond when there is a sense of urgency, and we can thank our neocortex for that one! According to psychological research, “the reptilian brain expresses itself in: people's obsessive-compulsive tendencies, the flight-or-fight response and the actions people take in response to urgencies.” These are precisely the factors that inspire impulse purchases.

Images are more powerful than words.

We have all heard the saying, “a picture can say a thousand words”, well this is 100% true! Our brain will process an image faster than text, especially one being very detailed. Powerful visuals go a long way! There are a lot of times where an image can make or break the deal when a consumer is considering an online purchase.

Colors trigger emotions.

An infographic found in a KissMetrics’ blog, shows that the color blue is associated with a sense of trust. A large part of every buyer’s decision is based on visual cues, and color may be the strongest method in persuading your consumer to buy. It is, of course, important for marketers to be aware of other cultures and their associations with colors. As an example, in American culture, white symbolizes purity making it a preferred color for wedding dresses. But in contrast, the Chinese culture uses red in weddings because of its association to luck and uses the color white for the mourning and loss of their loved ones.

A simple word can lay the foundation of trust. 

Trust can be found in the words you use to express your products or services. The phrase “content is king” is one of the truest phrases on the Internet. You need to create content that inspires trust in your buyers. Here are a few examples of those trustworthy words: Authentic, Certified, Guaranteed, Loyal, and Official. 

If they say "Yes" once, there is a good chance they’ll say yes again.

The technique known as the foot-in-door technique, a simple tactic that involves getting a person to agree on something small to eventually get them to say yes to something bigger. Sales people love using this technique! When you ask your customers to say yes to a small request, they have a higher likelihood of saying yes to an even bigger request.

The first number seen can impact how a person evaluates price in the future.

For example, a consumer in search of an affordable laptop with a budget of $500 may see a laptop priced at $1,999 and consider that much too high. However, if that same consumer were to see that same laptop marked down to $999, the dramatically reduced price has an effect that may compel the purchaser to buy the laptop even though it is over the original budget. The business and the buyer can both win here!

Emotions impact every decision.

According to neuroscience, every single decision—even the rational ones—are informed by emotions. Marketers can elicit this emotional response as a way to align products, services, and campaigns towards the customers who might be the most prone to falling under the emotional pressure of making the decision to buy or share your products/services to their friends and family.

We see ourselves through the eyes of others.

People often act the way they are labeled by others. We make the expectations and perceptions placed on us crucial to the formation of our behavioral inclinations. The simple message here is that there is nothing wrong with telling your customers who they are, what they believe, and how they will act. By doing this, you are impacting their decision to buy or not buy your product or service.

By blending psychological marketing strategies with the art of rich creative services, you can redefine marketing by looking beyond conventional ideas. This will allow your business to accelerate its presence and transform into an industry leader. So next time you are thinking about your marketing strategy, remember that when you tap into the psychology of your customers or prospects you can stir emotion and inspire them to take the action you desire them to take. Don't forget to check out our website or contact us directly at

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