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In Food We Trust

Posted by Eric Nelson on Oct 3, 2017 3:30:00 PM
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Are you arranging an agreement? Attempting to bring a deal to a close? Or, possibly attempting to build office collaboration? Whatever the case, it is critical to interface with your partners and build trust. A new study in Neuromarketing shows a surprisingly simple way to do just that. And it gets better! It’s a technique you will actually enjoy using.

We realize that social discussion before talking business expands collaboration. At times a little liquor can boost bonding between outsiders. Even something as little as a warm refreshment can influence you to appear to be all the more cordial. But an even better way to connect would be to meet over a delicious lunch or dinner because food brings us together, and eating is deeply engrained into our social and cultural life.

A progression of trials shows how you order your meal for lunch or dinner can significantly increase trust. Specialists at the University of Chicago found that subjects who ate the same food were more likely to trust each other. This bonding didn't occur on the off chance that they just ate together or ate at the same time. They needed to eat the same type of food.

The researchers tried the similar vs. different food conditions by reproducing a speculation choice and a work arrangement. In the two cases, they discovered trust and collaboration expanded when they ate the same food. Shockingly, the trust increment went past individual-to-individual bonding. The researchers also found that item data was trusted more if the subjects viewed a video testimonial in which the person talking was eating the same food as the viewer.

(Indeed, that appears like an odd situation and one that would be hard to copy in actuality!)

The researchers learned from the video-seeing examination that "food similarity or mimicking is a powerful cue for inferring trust, even among outsider eyewitnesses." They also showed that marketers can use incidental, similar food consumption to increase trust in product information when advertising a non-food product.


I’ll have what they’re having!

There are heaps of conditions where sharing a meal is a decent practice in deals and arrangement. This new information demonstrates that having the same food will build the constructive outcomes of this common lunch or dinner.

Along these lines, in a one-on-one deals circumstance, let your prospect/client order first. Once they order, consider telling the server, "That sounds incredible, make it two!" Not only will you get the advantage of "the same food" effect, you'll additionally unobtrusively compliment your prospect/client by embracing their decision.


Make Group Meals Easy

The examination didn't look at group eating, yet in the event that you are having a gathering supper, having a solitary and settled menu should manufacture more trust and participation than a different determination of food. Make it the same to win the game!

Indeed, even an exceptionally basic menu (say, offering a veggie lover choice to the primary decision) will build the likelihood that most meal participants will be eating the same food. Another choice is offer decisions that are nearly the same outwardly. The examination didn't research this; however, it appears to be plausible that on the off chance that we are both eating pizza the "similar food" effect would kick in regardless of one pizza being finished with pepperoni and the other just cheese.


In closing…

In spite of the fact that similarity in food consumption is not characteristic of whether two individuals will get along or whether somebody is trustworthy, we discovered consumers treat this as such, feeling nearer to and all the more trusting of the individuals who expend as they do. Thusly, food is especially beneficial for new relationships where people have limited information on each other and are forming first impressions.

So, whatever sort of offers, arrangement, or group building process you are engaged with, put aside some time to schmooze over food; similar food that is! Also, do it as early as you can before perceptions of each other have had a chance to become locked in.

So, who’s hungry?!

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