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How Much Should a Website Cost In 2019?

Posted by Max Halberg on Dec 13, 2018 3:10:00 PM
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Are you currently in the market for a new website?

Finding the right person or company to build the platform which will soon be the online face for your brand or business can be an overwhelming endeavor.

Pricing, terms, processes – all these things can be a lot to wrap your head around.

A website built by a professional agency could cost you anywhere from $8,500 to upwards of $100,000 depending on the scope.

So why such a large fluctuation in pricing?

How we price

When we look at pricing out a custom website build, we really look at complexity - and the estimated total time to create something perfect.

Remember when you have an agency building your site, you have a large team putting their collective creative heads together to make something great.

Project managers, content writers, graphic designers, developers, quality assurance– you could have anywhere from five to ten people who play a part in building your new site.

Now you’re probably asking, “what’s this going to cost me?”

Let's talk about that...

Simple Informatory Business Website

These types of sites are the most common.

Perfect for a small business with no need for complex functionality or extensive content, they traditionally consist of 5-8 pages with a Home/About/Services/Blog and a Contact page.

Though not as feature rich as others, they serve as an amazing marketing medium for your online visitors.

Advanced features should still always include analytics, contact forms, an image gallery, onsite SEO optimization, and a full scale quality assurance before and after launch.

Pages: 5-10

Typical Cost Range: $8,500-$17,000

Large Informatory Business Website

Perfect for larger organizations and business structures, these types of sites typically have complex navigation, a high number of pages, large amounts of content, and often include role and access restricted content.

They often require extra features, CRM integrations, and extensions while also including all the basic functionality included in the above listed simple informatory site.

Pages: 11-25+

Typical Cost Range: $18,000-$46,000+

Simple E-commerce Website

If you’re planning on selling products on your site you add a whole other depth of complexity.

Shipping integrations, tax calculators, automated emails add to the total hours invested into your project. E-commerce sites are based on the foundation of a simple informatory site with the added functionality of a shopping cart system.

A simple e-commerce site would have standard non-customizable or custom products with only a few variations per SKU.

Pages: 5-10 informational

Products: 5-10 (with training to add more)

Typical Cost Range: $15,000-$29,000

Large Ecommerce Website

For a full-scale e-commerce website with tens of products, variations, and perhaps more complex product types and variations we seek more enterprise level solutions, security, and robustness.

Often requiring advanced functionality and integrations – these will usually have multiple developers working to create the finished product.

Pages: 10-15+ Informational

Products: 20-50+ (with training to add more)

Typical Cost Range: $35,000-$90,000+


Now that you understand the different types of websites and their various price ranges, we’d love to talk more about how to make your dream a reality. Contact Pulse Marketing today for a free website consultation.


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