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Getting Your Target Market Engaged for The Holidays

Posted by Eric Nelson on Dec 11, 2017 2:09:00 PM
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We live in a time where experiences are valued more than anything else. Businesses can create experiences for their customers by telling stories, driving conversations, and addressing customer needs and interests will pull people closer to their brand; and this is where engagement marketing becomes so important

With the holiday season upon us, we can use this as the perfect opportunity to involve our customers in a deeper, more sustained relationship with our product or brand. The motto for this holiday season is, “Ask not how you can sell, but how you can help”.

Here are some tips I know that will help when looking to authentically engage with your market:


Spread Some Cheer Through a Live Video

Organizations are progressively bringing continuous video into their promoting armory. At the point when specialists utilize video, they can better create client trust, customize discussions and make a really enduring client association. Consider utilizing live video to create an occasion battle around sharing positivity. All things considered, the best blessing is a grin, a truly well-disposed face and a thoughtful ear.


Partner Up with a Non-profit 

Include dimension to your brand by banding together with unexpected organizations. Rather than spending dollars on publicizing, put that advertising spend in a noble association. Locate a non-profit that offers an indistinguishable esteem from your organization and accomplice on a "giving" promotion to promote the cause to both of your gatherings of people. Let your target market and employees know the purpose your company has by giving back to a cause that is similar to your core values.


Use Social Listening to Uncover 'Moments Of Relevance.'

Social listening can enable you to see how individuals discuss your image around the occasions and distinguish snapshots of importance for your next promoting effort. Utilize these enthusiastic touchpoints to create a crusade utilizing the energy of client created content to drive engagement, suggestions and at last deals amid this period of noteworthy spending time to take in feedback from those who purchase your products or service.


Discover Your Brand’s Unique Holiday Story

Utilize your business model to tell a one of a kind story. At McAfee, the "most hackable blessings" battle dispatches around the occasions when few individuals are contemplating cybersecurity. They are able to elevate their one of a kind message in a fun, fascinating and noteworthy way, notwithstanding when customers are confronting a storm of occasion promoting. It requires investment and patience to find your one of a kind edge, yet the result is justified, despite all the trouble. This is a perfect way to connect with people on a unique emotional level other than a very common promotional ad.


Offer Helpful Holiday Tips Around Your Product or Service.

Praise your client by offering tips, traps and rebates this holiday season. You're effort should concentrate on client gratefulness. Advance socially shareable data with illustrations that guide people to your brand. Incorporate a markdown or coupon offering to change rates.

“It’s advertising as a service, as opposed to advertising as interruption. Essentially, you’re offering customers value in exchange for their attention.”


Inspirational/Motivational Quotes Contest

Individuals frequently consider the new year an opportunity to revive, restart, and get inspired. In fact, 45% of Americans make resolutions to commence the new year. Tell clients that you're holding a challenge in which you'd like them to share their most loved quotes, ones that move them the most.

Host a challenge on social media that requests that clients share that quote, regardless of whether it be in-store, on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Get fans required by requesting that they vote (Like or heart) their most loved quotes, and utilize that as a measure for picking champs. It's a fun approach to get your social group of onlookers locked in.

Pick the 5 most inspirational/motivational quotes in light of Likes, shares as well as responses, share each quote on the greater part of your social channels, and offer cool prizes for the champs, similar to an in-store gift voucher. At that point, incorporate however many of the quotes you appreciated into a blog entry or social post– People will refer back to it again and again. And they won’t forget this awesome experience you created for them.


In closing, it is the holiday season and people are in the spirit of giving. Engaging with your target market isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. You must listen, be flexible and stay consistent with your communication. Your brand is your personality and genuine, authentic personalities don’t change with success.

When you create more personable experiences for customers you will see the boost in both engagement and loyalty to your brand. Have a happy holiday with lots of engagement!


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