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Developing Your Skills as a Project Coordinator

Posted by Isabel Huynh on Mar 21, 2018 4:30:00 PM


Client relationships are the basic building blocks of any business. A solid client relationship through any project will be the strongest asset that will benefit both parties. However, managing a variety of personalities through multiple projects can be challenging at times. 

There are some actions that can be taken to help handle it:

  • Introduce yourself to the client at the beginning and have yourself be the main point of contact
  • Research your clients in order to understand their business and their clients
  • Create personal and professional connections with your clients
  • If there are questions, make sure to ask in order to get accurate information
Manage Expectations

In order for a clear understanding to be met, the client and project manager should know the standard expectations of the project. Many projects can be pushed back or can’t be moved forward because either party did not clarify the necessary responsibilities for the project timeline.

  • Ensure that the responsibilities of both parties are established
  • Make sure the client knows that their feedback is their responsibility and that it can have an impact on the project timeline
  • Once the project is in the project managers hands, then they have to make sure that they are following up with the timeline that they have given the client. Once there are numerous projects being handled it is extremely important that al projects are given a structure, so that they don’t get lost in the process. Here are some tips:
    Consult with your client if it looks like the timeline might be affected


Give Your Projects Structure
  • Assign tasks clearly that answers the questions of who, what, and when
  • Establish clear milestones that check the status of the project periodically
  • Make sure quality assurance is established through different phases of the project

Stay Up to Date on Your Project

Your project will be handled through different departments, so make sure that you know exactly where your project is at in the process and compare that to the timeline that the client received. Here are some ways on how to handle the dates on your projects:

  • Monitor the timeline that was established with the client
  • Make sure your team is aware of all the upcoming project dates
  • Check in with your team to see if there are any blocks that could be impeding the project


Involve your team

With every project, your team is a vital part of keeping everything on track and delivered.

  • Include your team leads on all the client debriefs and the first client call to help establish the project elements.
  • Ensure that your team understand and agrees to the different timeline sections of the project
  • Check in to see if your team has any questions about the project and help clarify
  • Make sure your team has all the information and resources that need to complete their task


Keep Improving

One of the most important things as a project manager is to not get discouraged and to keep moving forward. There is so much to learn and so many resources to help with increasing your efficiency at this position.

  • Have regular process meetings with your team
  • Ask questions
  • Learn new habits and practice efficiency

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