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A Manufacturer in Marketing

Posted by Eric Nelson on Mar 21, 2018 3:49:58 PM
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“Manufacturer”. It’s one of those all-encompassing words that can carry so many different meanings for so many different types of companies. And that’s exactly why there’s just no one-size-fits-all manufacturer marketing strategy. It should be clearly understood that industrial marketing is very different than consumer marketing. But even within its own category, marketing for “manufacturers” can (and must) take on many different shapes and forms.

Let’s now go over four questions that will help impact your marketing decisions when creating your strategy in this competitive market. 

Customized product/service category

In the case that your organization falls nearer to the customized product/service category, your deal is likely more complex, and your client's purchasing procedure more involved. Similarly, as your business approach will change contingent upon where your organization falls on this spectrum, your marketing approach should do the same. Be an advocate in answering client inquiries and taking care of issues through supportive advertising content like instructive articles, white papers, recordings and contextual investigations. What's more, when done well, this approach can drive incredible results for organizations with longer, more consultative processes. Your purchasers need the facts, and they want them quickly. So give them what they're searching for.

Individual buyers vs. buying committees

When you consider your ideal client at an organization level, what number of individuals at last impact the purchasing choice? This is what we've observed to be valid. The more mind boggling and costly your item or administration, the bigger the "purchasing board". In B2C terms, consider purchasing a shirt versus a vehicle. You can purchase a shirt in almost no time off the rack at the shopping center and it likely won't leave a major opening in your wallet. What's more, when you spill spaghetti sauce on it or shrink it in the dryer, it’s still not that big of deal. But when you’re hitched with two little children and looking for another vehicle that you intend to drive for the next 5 years, odds are you're not settling on a choice in a hurry. You're getting your research done. And you’re definitely not making a choice without talking with your life partner! In the B2B producing world, a similar idea applies. This is the reason it is so imperative to develop and document your buyer persona profiles.

As the many-sided quality, customization and cost of your deals develop, so do your prospects' inquiries and worries about getting it. Keep in mind: the more your items or administrations fall into the "very modified, intricate and exorbitant" office, the more individuals you'll presumably need to instruct. So make sure to have instructive content on your site or in articles you put out. (also, on the off chance that you don't have it done, get it done!)

Heavy vs. light competition

Whether you’ve identified it or not, there is a lot of competition in your waters. But we don’t worry, right? Because an important rule of beating your competition is not worrying about the competition, and just focus on you! When you put in cash to make an outwardly exceptional site and appealing promoting pieces your appearance will soon be seen brighter. In this industry it isn’t hard to stand out from the crowd. We can begin by creating an experience for your online viewers they won’t forget. Have images/videos that clearly show what you do. And a menu that is simple for your online viewers to navigate through so they can find what they are looking for, in the lease amount of clicks as possible. Once you have the customer’s ideal manufacturing website it’s going to make it hard for them not to come back when they see what else is out there.

Wrapping it up

No matter your business, no matter where you are, you need a website that impresses, generates and captures leads, and drives your business forward. And just as your place in “manufacturing” is very different from that of the hundreds of thousands of other companies that call themselves manufacturers, so is your place in the online manufacturing environment. And your marketing strategy must follow its lead.

We have been fortunate enough to have worked with many business, of all kinds and sizes. Despite their differences, they all have one thing in common; they don’t understand what they’ve got. And when you don’t know what you got, we’ve found many times that companies are paying for unnecessary services or are being taken advantage of. Let us uncover what you’ve been missing. 


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