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Travel Benefits In The Workplace

Posted by Bailey Fontes on Jul 30, 2019 10:00:00 AM


At Pulse, we strongly encourage our employees to travel. When you travel, you experience people and cultures in a way that you never could in a book. You come back to work with new perspectives, creative ideas, and a refreshed state-of-mind. You also bring back stories that inspire and energize your coworkers. It’s definitely my favorite way to stay inspired.

I 10/10 recommend getting the heck outta here and experiencing all that life has to offer. 


The one-downside is how much it costs to travel. To counteract the cost, twice a year, we send two hard-working employees anywhere they want to go. This is all a part of our Team Choice Awards, where our employees vote for the coworker they believe has out-performed the rest. 


Unfortunately, not all companies offer this MAJOR perk. 


Here are 5 reasons why you should travel. 

Make sure you share them with your boss 😉


1, Appreciation 

From experience, I can tell you that at first, you’ll never want to go home. Traveling is exciting and best of all, you’re not working. With time though, you’ll begin to miss a few things…  your friends and family, not having to struggle to speak a foreign language, your own bed, and basic american necessities like iced coffee or toilet seats. When you get home, you’ll appreciate everything, including your job and the people you work with, just a little bit more because you went without them for a little bit. Sometimes we all need some time away to really appreciate what we have. 


2. Education

When you go abroad, you learn a lot of things through brand new and different experiences. For example, everytime I have traveled out of the country, I have learned more and more about public transit systems. In Southern California, most people drive and it isn’t necessary to have that knowledge. More examples would be, navigating a new country and learning a new language along the way, using foreign currency, or seeing how friendly strangers actually can be. You could also be inspired to change your lifestyle at home based off of new food you have tried or skills you have learned. Your new skills may not be obviously usable by your company, but you have improved your problem-solving abilities and have become a much more open-minded and well-rounded person. This will definitely benefit the company. 

3. Creativity

While immersed in new cultures, you’ll experience different types of fashion, art, food, and more. You will also experience a different way of life in general. Different cultures do things differently like drive on the other side of the road and use an unfamiliar metric system. Having these types of experiences will trigger ideas of what you could change or implement when you get back to work. You will go home extra inspired and excited to jump back into on-going projects. I know I always am. 


4. Happiness

Traveling and even just planning a trip will make you happier. Studies even show that travel can decrease depression and anxiety. Overall, you will be a much more mentally healthy you, which is beneficial to your company. When you are happy, your coworkers will feel the good vibes and become happier. You will also get burnt-out less, be more excited to participate, work harder when you return.


5. Physical Health

A joint study from the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerican Center for Retirement Studies and the U.S. Travel Association found that since traveling leads to less stress, you are less likely to have a heart attack the more you do it. While abroad, you will also walk and climb a lot more than you are used to, which is also beneficial to heart health. When you’re healthier, you have less sick days and doctor appointments.


Let us know if you shared these reasons with your boss and if it worked! 


Safe travels,

Bailey 🖤✨



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