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Top 5 Advertising Books to Read This Fall

Posted by Natalia Sanchez on Sep 29, 2018 11:00:00 AM


We all understand just how important reading can be in our daily habits. It helps us structure our personality and exercise our brain. Believe it or not, reading helps reduce stress and anxiety meanwhile keeping you motivated and inspired!

Check out these highly recommended Advertising and Marketing books and continue learning!


Book-with-wood-backgroundEverybody Writes

by Ann Handley, 2014

Need some inspiration when dealing with writer’s block? Everybody Writes is one of the best marketing books that guides you on creating better content. You will learn how to write content like a pro and bring results within your business or company.


C-ECE-Contagious-Why-Things-Catch-OnContagious: Why Things Catch On

by Jonah Berger, 2016

How is it that a certain service/ product can continue to go viral meanwhile other similar products/services can’t seem to catch up or catch a break? In this book, Jonah Berger explains the difference between spending budgets on ads vs word of mouth. He focuses on 6 basic principles that anyone can use to bring success.





ogilvy-1Ogilvy on Advertising

by David Ogilvy, 1985

For more than 30 years this book has been known to be the Bible of Advertising. Ogilvy clarifies all the principles you need to know about what Advertising is. How to create the perfect content, copywriting, analyzing data, and much more! It does not matter if you are years into having your own Advertising firm or just getting started, this book will still have something for you to add to your knowledge.





by Martin Lindstrom

Martin has been remarkable in demonstrating the art of marketing and neuroscience combine in his book. Explaining just how everything we think and do is influenced by our mental forces that eventually lead into the making of marketing campaigns. Say what? May sound crazy but read it for yourself!






Hug Your Haters

by Jay Baer, 2016

Hug your Haters is one of the top 3 business books that contains a hilarious and relevant twist throughout the book. Helping explain the reality of how to handle customer interaction or complaints with the customer. A study conducted predicts that by the year 2020, customers will choose brands based on their customer service rather than price. This is a must read!




The list of highly recommended Advertising and Marketing books can go on and on, I am sure these can help get you started.

Take the time to read these books and implement the things you feel will help your business succeed. But always remember to continue to pursue your learning.

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