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5 Ways To Make Your Team More Creative

Posted by David Cardoza on Aug 31, 2017 5:38:52 PM

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When you think of creativity and innovation, a few names might pop in your head. Apple and Google to name a few. Companies like these are responsible for creating some of the greatest inventions of our time. 

Sometimes it is not just about the innovation itself, but about the leaps of imagination that were made in order to achieve such success. These are the kinds of things that make us ask: How did they get there? And, more importantly, how can I get my team there? There is no magic formula for innovation but you can help foster an environment for creativity. By creating an atmosphere that attracts curiosity and excitement, you are fostering an environment in which new ideas can grow and thrive.

 Here are five strategies to foster more creative collaboration on your team.


1. Sense of progress

Forward momentum is actually critical to our psychological health. Feeling a sense of progress can create an environment where work can feel fun and enjoyable, leading to more productive and creative ideas. When people are deeply engaged in their work, they’re most likely to perform well. When setting your goals, make a note to set smaller milestones so that your team has a sense of accomplishment. Moving along and making progress can stimulate positive energy that can show up in a new idea or a creative solution to a problem. Setting clear goals are good but telling your team precisely how to achieve them might limit their creative abilities. Letting your team determine the best way to proceed helps them build skills and can also enhance their creativity.

2. Foster positivity

integrating a culture of positivity with your team can be hugely beneficial when channeling your inner creative. Teams can quickly become negative by the pressures of meeting impossible expectations and deadlines. When you communicate openly and encourage a culture of trust, you could see a dramatic change on your mood. When you are in a positive mood, you are more open to learning new things and your level of creative concentration elevates. When you feel negative, you may tend to not be as open to creative ideas and lose focus on the task at hand. So try to engage in the hard conversations, smile and remember that positivity is the key to creative success.

3. Go for a walk

Getting out of your non-ergonomic chair could do you some good. Sometimes we run into creative block and just need a good break from our current tasks. People are most likely to do their best creative thinking while in motion. Whether outdoors, in a hallway, or even just on a treadmill. It is always a good idea to reset your brain several times a day in order to keep the creative juices flowing. The change of scenery might just spark your next great idea.

4. Multiple creative spaces

Creativity is a result of concentrated thought and collaborative energy. A closed office environment that insulates people from each other will rarely surface innovation, yet people also need their own space to maintain a deeper level of focus. Using both environments can foster your creative energy and sustain it for a longer period of time. Start your day in your individual primary space so you can focus, then move to a more open area where the team can easily gather info and collaborate more creatively. You will find that your creativity will find a balance and make your job that much easier.

5. Team building events

There are several activities that you can do with your team which can get the brain going and the creative juices flowing. Playing games, solving problems, or taking a field trip to a museum are all great ways to bond as a team while inspiring creative thought. By giving your team a problem or a task to complete, they are put in a position where they have to be creative and work together to complete it.

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